Why should you promote the Employer Branding of your company?

Discover why you should start promoting the Employer Branding of your company

Boosting the Employer Branding of your company implies many improvements. In addition, all of them allow a company to have greater benefits.

Make more money, wow! Only with this statement should it be a priority in any company. For those of you who have studied finance, you will know that “The only objective of a private company is to obtain the maximum profit”. Yes, enhancing the Employer Branding of your company will allow you to increase profits.

But what is Employer Branding?

In case you are still clueless with this concept, let’s start by defining what Employer Branding is.

The translation could be: an employer’s brand. That is, the reputation of a company on its employees. We all know those companies with a very bad reputation that a friend, family member or neighbor has spoken to us fatally and in which you would never work. Well, Employer Branding is the opposite, promoting a good reputation not only abroad, but also to motivate the team and give them reasons to stay.

And when I affirm that it improves profits, it is because we find short, medium and long-term reasons that prove it. In the short term, an increase in productivity, in the medium term, a better adaptation to changes and, in the long term, an expansion of new customers.

The 5 reasons why you should promote the Employer Branding of your company

Today I want to tell you 5 reasons from the point of view of an employee, a server. In this way I will tell you 5 real examples. In each of the reasons we will see that Employer Branding allows us to increase the benefits of the company that we talked about previously. Go for it?

# 1 Talent recruitment

Obviously, if a company has a good reputation among its workers, it will be able to have greater access to talent in its sector, and it will cost more if it does not have this good reputation.

Having talents from our sector in our company allows us two very clear benefits. The first of these is to have workers who are usually much more productive than others, either because of their own talent in solving problems, because of their experience or because of their work directly at work. The second benefit is being able to differentiate yourself from your closest competitors, since having talents in the company always makes a difference. If we improve productivity and / or distinguish ourselves from our competition, the benefits of the company will be greater.

After working for more than 9 years in one of the most successful multinationals in Europe in the technology sector, a small company in León, Indosmedia, offered me very substantial improvements. These improvements were not on the economic side, on the contrary, but the good reputation and other job improvements allowed me to leave the multinational to put all my talent and experience in a small company.

# 2 Increased motivation

Being able to offer benefits to employees, either through measurable job improvements, tools to continue growing or facilities, greatly increases employee motivation, and this translates into productivity. An increase in productivity also translates into greater benefits for the company.

In addition, the increase in employee motivation usually reverts to improvements associated with the world of work for them. For example, more desire to learn new tools, apply new strategies or continue training for the sector where you reside.

In case, the benefits of free schedules and enhancing my growth by helping to train what I really like, web page design, allow me extra motivation. My investment in continuing to grow within the sector with new tools and training on a continuous basis has multiplied enormously since I have been at Indosmedia. I always dedicate several hours a week to training, my experience grows and my company grows with me.

# 3 Increased engagement

If we are talking about an increase in worker motivation by enhancing the employer’s brand, commitment is also associated, enhancing the Employer Branding of your company will help you achieve it, without any doubt.

The commitment and loyalty of the workers allows the company to adapt more easily to the changes that are taking place in the market. This adaptation faster than the competition will always translate into improved profits in the sector.

During an important time, the company has needed more telephone attention to be covered over time because there were colleagues who needed to reconcile their family life. I was the first to volunteer to cover this schedule. How could I not do it if I allow you to attend training during office hours or many non-quantifiable job improvements?

# 4 Turn employees into ambassadors

Improving the reputation of the employer will allow our workers to speak well of the company. If they speak well through their social networks and with their family and friends, they become ambassadors directly. It is important to find that customers generate good opinions, but they are also relevant if they come from our workers.

If employees speak well, it is much easier for new customers to enter, even if only because of the degree of affinity with an employee. In addition, in any forum that an employee attends and has the opportunity to speak about their company, they will do so as if it were an ambassador.

In my case, many friends and family have requested services like those offered by my company. At no time have they ever doubted, nor have they explored other alternatives, I have always spoken wonders of Indosmedia, and they have always ended up hiring the services here.

# 5 Strengthen the social networks of the company

In the vast majority of companies, the empowerment of social networks is usually a problem. In some cases, they do not have enough reach and they compensate it with ad expenses. In other cases, they spend significant time efforts to achieve what our employees can do more easily.

If we talk about promoting the Employer Branding of your company involves turning employees into brand ambassadors, what more effective way can they be also ambassadors on their social networks?

In their profiles, employees will have a wide range of content and comments about their company, which will help to enhance not only the image, but also the company’s own social networks.

To achieve this, you already know that platforms like BeAmbassador are essential.

Although I dedicate myself professionally, I did not start using my personal social networks until I realized that I could help my company a lot as an ambassador. In what simpler way and with hardly any dedication I can use my Facebook account, or my Twitter account, even my Linkedin as a speaker for my company.

Do you still have doubts about why to promote the Employer Branding of your company?

Anyone understands that if employers can do something to make their company more profitable, that is, earn more money, they will not do it. Enhancing the Employer Branding of your company is to generate greater benefits for your employees, your reputation and, therefore, generate more benefits for the company. What are you waiting for to get down to work?

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