Best Hm Slave Pokemon Fire Red Reddit

Best Hm Slave Pokemon Fire Red Reddit. But not every hm mule would work. Is there a pokemon that can learn these four moves?

I beat Pokemon Fire Red within 1.5 days and with only 1 pokemon pokemon from

Strangely, the hm dive is not available, nor are there any areas in which it can be used. Cut and strength once evolved. You can never have just one hm slave, for two reasons.

I Was Thinking Of A Tentacool Or Something Like That Do You Have A Better Idea?

Sinnoh was awful for all those field moves. I just started a file of fire red recently and decided that i didn't need an hm slave (kind of). And these are the best options for that role.

Like Strength Was A Dolly And Fly Was Rocket Boots.

Cool beans, that works for the gen he's in, though it's hard to get to him as fast as the native pokemon in other gens. I got oddish with cut and flash. I would say the best hm slave in firered would be gyarados.

And The Best Hm Slave Is Mew, But As Gb Said A Grass And Water Pokemon Will Do Fine.

The way pokemon zeta and omicron do it is pretty good in my opinion. First off, for flash in rock tunnel, i caught a voltorb, and then immediately got rid of him afterwards. The ability illuminate for encounters, flash, surf, cascade etc.

Best Hm Slave Is Definitely Nidoran (And Evolutions).

After all, you need someone to use all of those hidden machines. Gyarados or lapras with surf, waterfall, strength and rock smash. Pretty much any water pokemon is fair game for surf, waterfall, dive, whirlpool.

For Cut And Fly, I Used Farfetch'd.

Pikachu092 14 years ago #8. Pokémon firered and leafgreen keep the original 5 hms from red/blue, but also contain rock smash and waterfall, which were introduced in ruby/sapphire. I got rhyhorn with rock smash and strengh.

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