Social Selling: the digital sales model for your team to sell more

Discover how Social Selling can help you boost your sales and save business costs

Social networks, especially LinkedIn, have long become another channel for prospecting and attracting customers. The sales model on which it is based is called Social Selling, and in this post I want to explain the fundamental principles on which it is based.

For there to be a commercial transaction, that is, a sale, the two parties have to be in the same place, this is evident. What happens is that your clients have little time to receive you and your team, therefore, it is necessary that you find another way to get closer to them. Which? How is this strategic model defined?

Let’s talk about Social Selling.

What is Social Selling?

Social Selling is a sales model that uses social media to build trust, establish emotional ties with your ideal client and that allows you to achieve your sales budget.

I invite you to listen to the podcast in which we address what is Social Selling.

Notice that in the definition there are 2 important ideas that I want to highlight:

    Build trust. Trust is the basis of the sale. You do not sell more because you are cheaper or work in the world’s TOP company, but because your client believes in you. Therefore, this is the fundamental pillar to take into account.

    Establish emotional ties. Achieving that trust implies personal treatment between you and your client, it is not a decision that is taken lightly (in B2B or B4B businesses), but it occurs because a special feeling appears between both. This is the second great pillar of Social Selling.

The way of selling has changed because the way of buying has changed. Are you still using the traditional model of the last century?

Image inspired by Esmeralda Díaz-Aroca

The digitization of this five years and the next is determining which are the successful companies of the 21st century. As Darwin said in 1859 (more than 1 century and a half ago!): Only those who best adapt survive. Ready to be one of them?

5 benefits of Social Selling for your company

I already told you in the title that thanks to Social Selling you make your team sell more on Social Networks, especially on LinkedIn. In addition, you reduce expenses. Great, right?

I’ll explain.

# 1 Eliminate the Cold Door

In my previous life, offline, I spent 20 years combining concerted visits and a cold door. It worked then, but little by little, this technique is less accepted by your client and more frustrating for your commercials.

I wish I had had Social Selling at my disposal those years!

Give them the good news that they won’t have to do it anymore because, with that emotional bond and that trust they generate on LinkedIn, they don’t need it.

# 2 Customers come to you, not you to them

This is the dream of every salesperson: that it is the customer who is going to look for him and not the other way around. And that happens with Social Selling, I assure you because it is a model that I have used for a few years and it works.

And do you know why? Because with the content you publish on your personal profile and on your company page, you show the Know How that your client needs to see to trust you. Make a tandem and incorporate an Employer Branding strategy on social media.

# 3 Easily identify your contact person

How many times has it happened to you that you are unable to pass your call to the person who decides the purchase? To me many, but now everything is much simpler and you don’t even have to make a phone call.

If we humans have something in common, it is that we are narcissists (some more than others, right?) And that means that your contact person surely has their title written on their LinkedIn profile.

Use the search engine to find it and go directly to it without going through any intermediary.

# 4 Increase your sales and those of your team

Selling more with Social Selling is not magic, but a logical consequence. Of course, we are talking about confidence and emotions and, deep down, this is what moves the world. Wait, are you thinking that what moves the world is love? It is the same concept!

Sorry if you have thought about banknotes, but no, that’s not what a buyer is considering. Do you think he is going to risk making a bad decision for the company that pays him every month? Obviously not.

Therefore, your decision maker only buys you if he is very sure that you are not going to fail him, that is, trust!

# 5 You reduce business costs

We are saying that there is no cold door, that your commercials go to a closed interview, that Social Selling is a digital sales model and, does this generate more or less expenses than you have now in the commercial department?

You can sell without leaving the office. Make numbers.

Be careful, I’m not saying don’t have a one-to-one personal interview, of course yes, but you can do it online. It is not necessary for your sales representatives to travel 200 km by car to see a client, or to take a plane.

Goodbye to distances and goodbye to extra expenses!

From seller to seller-to: Social Selling works and reduces the push actions you execute to attract customers.

If you do Social Selling, never do this on LinkedIn

I am not going to make a Netiquette list, but I am going to suggest that you never perform two actions that, on LinkedIn, we see too often. I’m telling you right now and remember that, in Social Selling, we talk about relationships between people (H2H), human to human).

# 1 Don’t send a contact invitation without personalizing

Always, always, always, also on mobile, write a short text to accompany an invitation to contact.

Social networks, LinkedIn, is like offline life: when you want to meet someone, you introduce yourself because it is the minimum of education. Here is the same. Almost nobody does it and if you start to incorporate it, you will see how you already stand out from your competition.

Reflect how you do it to flirt?

# 2 You do not want to sell in your first message, it is spam

I’m sure that on LinkedIn you receive, several times a week, private messages in which someone wants to sell you something that:

    You do not want

    You do not need

    You don’t know what it is and why it benefits you

    You don’t know anything

Right? Do you like to receive them? I guess not, because that’s spam.

And if you think “it’s not that what I’m selling is very good and it will help you!” No, really, you think that, but not the person who receives it.

Do you buy someone who knocks on your door or who approaches you on the street, even if they sell you 1kg of gold for 1 cent? Maybe because you don’t know him at all, because he can be a scam, because you don’t trust him? We return to the basic pillar of Social Selling: generating trust.

You don’t want to sell on LinkedIn, sell WITH LinkedIn. Take advantage of its usability to connect with your customer and generate the credibility that every sale needs.

Conclusions about increasing your sales with Social Selling

It is time to close this article I would like to remind you of the main ideas that we have talked about so that your sellers sell more with Social Networks and with LinkedIn, in particular:

    Send personalized contact messages.

    You don’t want to sell on the first message.

    Find your ideal client with the LinkedIn search engine.

    Establish emotional bonds with your ideal client.

    And, above all, always keep in mind that the sale occurs when you generate trust.

I encourage you to implement a Social Selling strategy in your commercial team and to be a successful company of the 21st century. You want it?

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