Popular Mens Perfumes

He should be able to smell well’. When asked by a woman what one trait she consistently finds attractive in men esnc, this is the sentence we’ve all either read or heard. Good hygiene and grooming are important.

When buying mens scents online, they have a huge selection of options to choose from. To choose from all the available options is quite a task!

Take a look at some tips for this:

Fragrance Guide

The concentration in the perfume bottle will give you a better idea of what to expect. It can also be used to help determine your budget.

* Parfum. This perfume is composed primarily of 20%-30% pure scent essence. A single application will last a whole day.

EDP (Eau de Parfum), is a milder perfume. EDP contains only 15-20% pure scent essence, with a small amount of alcohol. This will require a daily reapplication.

EDT (Eau de Toilette ) is even milder. It contains 5-15% pure fragrance essence, dissolved into alcohol. The scent lasts just a few minutes.

Cologne / Eau de Cologne – This is the word most people associate with typical masculine perfumes. 2-4% oil perfumes are dissolved into water and alcohol. It does not last longer than 2 hours.


International men’s perfumes are a mixture of “notes” that make up the overall smell of a scent. These are normally divided into

As the name implies, top notes are scents which are perceived first by your senses upon application. This determines if the fragrance’s overall essence is floral or fruity. It also indicates whether it has a masculine scent, an earthy one, or a combination of both. These are usually evaporating as fast as their burst.

* Notes de coeur – notes de coeur appear some time after top notes dissipate. This is a subtle scent that lasts longer.

They are the notes that appear after the first note. They are rich, deep notes that have a solid texture. These notes are what give character to the fragrance, and they become even more appealing with time.


Testing a new perfume is recommended as each person’s code is different. Pheromones, hormones, and skin type can all affect how the fragrance smells.

Here are a couple of popular male perfumes.

* Al Ameer

Exclusive perfumes for men are nothing but pure luxury. With its smoky, sage-like scent of cardamom & pepper, and lemony Geranium zest leading the charge this is no ordinary fragrance. Sandalwood & Hinoki Wood base notes, Turkish rose oils, Frankincense Oil and Frankincense Oil add to its opulence.

* Noir

It is easy to pronounce as “Noo’ahr”. This scent is an elegant combination of elegance and simplicity. Blending rare Tahitian notes with spicy woods, this refined fragrance can be worn for both a casual night out and for business meetings.

* Royal

The name of this perfume for men suggests that it is one for the opulent lot. It bursts with a mixture of Kashmir Saffron & Bulgarian Rose fragrance, slowly moving to Madagascar Vanilla & Vetiver Java as its base.

Mystic Sea

The name of this fragrance perfectly captures its mystery. You’ll start with Sicilian Lemon & Yuzu Citron, then move on to the fine scent of Glacier-Water accord & White Musk. Perfection for the mysterious type, we think! The most popular fragrance for men is this one.

* Rouge

It’s a scent that will appeal to the male breed. A versatile scent that is said “Roo-jsh”, it starts out with Green Mandarin, South African Lichee and finishes on the soft notes of rare woods and musks.

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