Quality of Care

We want to educated the public about our quality of care initiatives. Help us spread the word about the importance of quality health care with the below messages and images.

  • Hospitals that display the Heart-Check mark have earned certification or accreditation for treating heart disease or stroke. Does yours? It’s important to know. Learn more at http://www.heart.org/myhealthcare #AHAQuality
  • Being informed is important, especially when it comes to health care. Our easy-to-use map puts information about area hospitals at your fingertips. Find an award-wining hospital near you: http://www.heart.org/myhealthcare #AHAQuality
  • We may not be at your hospital bedside, but we help the people who are. Visit us at http://www.heart.org/myhealthcare #AHAQuality
  • Has your hospital earned a place on our award list? Search our interactive map. www.heart.org/myhealthcare #AHAQuality
  • When med professionals apply the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines, patient outcomes improve.  www.heart.org/myhealthcare #AHAQuality
  • Over 720K #heartattacks occur each yr but many are not treated in time. We’re working to change that. http://www.heart.org/myhealthcare #AHAQuality
  • Traveling during the holidays? Be sure to know where the nearest award winning hospitals are on our quality map. http://bit.ly/1couBOf
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