How to write B2B sales texts like a copywriter

Discover how to write B2B sales texts to succeed

You do not remember very well if you had heard it in a conference or read in a LinkedIn post, copywriting is key to selling, it makes you sell more.

Perhaps you heard it from a colleague who had hired a copywriter and that the experience had been very rewarding.

Let’s go there, you thought. And you got to follow some of those reference copywriters that entrepreneurs talk so much about. And you have been checked, “what good is this for my company ??”.

Because you have read their posts and they show an almost childish enthusiasm for ‘we are going to make the client fall in love with words’. Really??

And then their newsletters where they are supposed to tell you sales techniques and… it’s much worse! There they begin to tell you about their life, what if a trip, what if a friend, what if a bad experience …

And already then it seems to you that you are rewatching one of those series of schoolboys from the 90s, like When leaving class …

Well, I want to sell my products, “can someone really help me?”

Do not panic, I recommend that you do not deny persuasion because it is the best sales tool.

What you have seen so far is the majority copywriting, the one that is directed to the end customer, the B2C. And we are talking about 2 worlds apart that speak different languages ​​and have opposite sensibilities. With customers, emotions prevail, they are carried away by enthusiasm.

And the affinity with the entrepreneur also influences them, that is why it is so important that they know your story and feel that they share many things with you.

However, companies are very different. They are rational and cold, they go to the numbers.

They don’t have the slightest interest in knowing your life, they just want you to provide them with what they want and that’s it. They go to the top, overwhelmed to square their objectives. What’s that about opening an email telling you little battles in a gazillion paragraphs?

They want to go straight to the what, how and how much.

Can you do copywriting like this? Yes, and it will help you sell more.

In this post I’m going to show you how to apply persuasive selling without counting poppies in the field and write B2B sales texts that work.

The solution for you is that you adapt it to your sector and your business, to the profile of your client.

I leave you a video where I explain everything, or if you want you can read it.

The keys to writing B2B sales texts

Do you want to be successful when it comes to writing B2B sales texts and using effective copywriting techniques? Take note!

# 1 Emails to the point and without stories

Emails (or direct messages from LinkedIn) are a great resource to start prospecting, whether it’s with a cold contact who doesn’t know you at all, or someone more ‘lukewarm’.

The golden rule is that you do not waste time, because they do not have enough time and because they value it very much.

Nothing about battles tells lives so that you know me, like me and feel that we have a lot in common. That causes the immediate flight of the email.

Go straight, without twists and turns, a clear subject, and a concrete message of what you offer, what you want and next steps, for example closing a meeting to discuss the sale. With 3 paragraphs it works for you.

And something more personal? Yes, it’s a good idea. Knowing the other person gives confidence so he shows some kind of relationship with her or her sector. In addition, it is ideal to follow up on a previous contact, the typical one, “we met at the X Congress and we talked about…”.

As plan B you can always refer to a common professional to help you as a point of reference. If your contact is trustworthy, the chances that it will take you into account will increase.

# 2 Uncover the profit

Numbers are the native language of an entrepreneur, so they are key when writing B2B sales texts. Measure value by statistic before emotions.

But don’t think these people are tin robots. If they see a 50% drop in sales, they also break into a cold sweat and start to fear for their job.

Although it is a more rational communication in B2B sales, some of the essential formulas of mainstream copywriting also work. For example, the essential Problem-Solution.

Express the problem with data that reflects the risk of loss. Turn the sales messages towards the solution by calculating essential returns such as profit or expense amortization.

# 3 empower authority

Here the 2 copywriters, the B2C and the B2B, come together. All buyers need the assurance that, as a seller, you will not let them down. And if you market services, this concern multiplies.

To neutralize this objection about yourself, you need to provide proof of value, the logos of the most important clients, number of projects, awards, achievements, training certificates …

Without forgetting the testimonials, as long as they are related to the service and are of people similar to your potential customer. And if you want to boost confidence, I recommend vitaminized testimonials, the success stories.

Expand the length of these cases to show your maximum ability. They are essential when writing B2B and B2C sales texts.

# 4 Use the claim of the competition to write B2B sales texts

If there is one thing that companies are sensitive about, it is competition. Shake them up in fear of being outmatched by the competition and they will literally go crazy (no matter how much poker face they put on).

It highlights the threat, what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing yet that leaves them in a situation of weakness.

Or the opportunity, the advantage that you offer that will make you surpass the competition.

# 5 He always puts urgency

If you want to write B2B sales texts that work, urgency is essential.

Companies want to control the entire process, which can lead to endless paperwork.

The best way to reverse the situation and take the upper hand is to put in urgency. You will go from despairing waiting for them to insist on you. This is the power of fear of loss.

Give them a final hire date warning that they are not the only ones knocking on your door and that you cannot definitely wait for them. This trick can be a poker play, so I recommend that you steel yourself and cover your fear of losing the project.

Another way to apply it is with scarcity. The great advantage is that it is very easy to reflect it because you have a limit to be able to serve customers.

Conclusion: copywriting is smart selling

Persuasion knows how to read the needs of your client and identify the strengths that make the company listen to you carefully.

In the end, no matter how much they want to streamline the purchase process, they are still people with their concerns and desires, even if they call them objectives.

Use persuasion to write B2B sales texts. It will be your master key to sales, even if it is with a safe like a company.

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