The Digital Transformation of sales: how to adapt to new changes in the Commercial Sector

Technology is here to stay

No one currently doubts that we are in a totally digital age. Times have changed in recent years and we have to adapt if we want to “survive.” Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, transforming many aspects of our life and our environment. And that has been multiplied after COVID-19.

In the professional field, the effective digital transformation of sales can be a great strength to come out of this leading the change.

All experts agree that digitization in companies is a necessity, and that with it, businesses can overcome the consequences of the pandemic for which no one was prepared. Digital companies, or those that invested wisely in technology before COVID-19, have been stronger in this new environment. A clear example would be the stores that already had a properly developed e-Commerce.

Therefore, companies are investing in digitizing their companies, adding new tools and technologies that allow them to be more efficient. To this we add the time factor, since they have been forced to implement them in record time.

For its part, the commercial area has also been affected by this situation, and technology has allowed many improvements in this regard.

The emergence of a series of disruptive technologies (IoT, big data, cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, RP, etc.) that, in addition, complement each other by enhancing their exponential possibilities, have been a true revolution that will completely transform all businesses and sectors of activity.

Challenges facing the commercial sector during the Digital Transformation of sales

The commercial area is not that it is not alien to this revolution, but it is crucial that it can take advantage of the benefits of the digital transformation of sales. Otherwise you will not be able to respond to the great challenges you face.

In this sense, the implementation of digital solutions allows us to adapt to the different tastes of our potential clients. Technology can help a lot in all processes in the sales area. We can talk about various related concepts, such as Telework, videoconference, web, e-commerce or blog; or some more specific to the commercial area, such as Social Selling, Employer Branding, ERP, CRM, Leads, etc.

In this sense, we also talk about the importance of adapting to the new consumer, whose behavior has changed significantly in recent years. We mention above all, the increase in the use of digital tools by users when making purchases, such as online stores and mobile applications; without neglecting social networks as a communication channel with customers, which has become essential for any brand or company today.

Why implement technology in your business?

From my point of view, I believe that the role of technology in business is fundamental. Thanks to it, the way to sell and communicate is faster and more efficient. It is also a way to boost the growth of a company and improve its business operations.

Ultimately, it is essential that we all get on the train of digitization.

Do you think what exactly your company needs? The sooner you start with the digital transformation of sales, the sooner your business will start to grow. Therefore, you can count on Guadaltech, where we help and advise you on the different technological solutions necessary for your company to go one step further.

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